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_DSF0909 - smallerTaking pictures. Making things to eat and drink. Projects. Modern memory keeping. Motherhood. Life, as it is, in Perth, Western Australia.

My name is Belinda and these are the things I have to share.

Ten Things You Should Know About Me

I live in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia with my boyfriend, Lee, my daughter, Violet and our toy poodle, Ella.

Right now we’re in a little two-bedroom house where space is very limited. Sometimes I feel a little bit trapped by it.

I love the colour pink. A little bit too much.

I find it difficult to concentrate on doing one thing at a time. I think my brain moves too quickly for my body to keep up and so I find myself throughout the day getting frustrated and scattered with half a dozen things started but not finished.

I hate coriander (cilantro). I think it smells and tastes like soap.

I love old things, things that have a story behind them. So much of the furniture and items in my house are hand-me-downs.

I prefer winter to summer.

I love cooking and baking but I hate doing the dishes. I’m lucky that Lee is happy to do the dishes after dinner on most nights.

I was born in 1981.

Every now and then I make an attempt to change my hair colour. But I always end up going back to blonde. It’s just who I am.


This gorgeous photo was taken by my lovely friend Meagan. You can see more of her amazing work on her website, here.

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