Layouts Share – Ali Edwards “Fun” Story Kit

I’m sharing a few more layouts that I completed in 2017, all using the Ali Edwards “Fun” Story Kit & Story Stamp. I’m ashamed to admit that I have many many as yet unused kits and stamps. One of my memory keeping goals for this year is to start making use of them and getting stories told. I’d be super proud if I could work with one kit per month, as well as the new kits that I’ll be receiving with my subscription this year. We’ll see how that goes.

The papers and extra embellishments for these layouts all came from old Studio Calico Scrapbook kits that I’ve had stockpiled for way too long and am finally starting to make use of.


Yes to Fun

This was a pretty quick and simple layout. I journalled by hand which is something I’m not always keen on doing. Like many people, I just don’t like the way that my handwriting looks. But I know it’s important for me to include it every now and then.


Am I Fun

I ummed and ahhed about the title on this. I had initially planned on it being “I Am Fun” but at the time wasn’t really feeling that particular story so I ended up switching it around. It’s good to go a bit deeper with journalling sometimes.




I really love everything about this layout. It’s super cute to look at and a super cute story. Definitely need more like this. 

One thought on “Layouts Share – Ali Edwards “Fun” Story Kit

  1. These are so awesome!!!! I think the best bit is that writing these thoughts down and owning them really reinforces the memory and thought and therefore encourages you to focus on the positive, important things in life. Go you!

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