Project Life 2017 – Weeks 1 to 4

This year I want to make a real effort to not only stay up to date with Project Life but also to share my layouts. I’m happy that I’m staying on top of getting my weekly spreads done even with the incredibly crazy schedule I’m now keeping. But I hadn’t quite gotten around to sharing any of them. And so, here they are!

I’m trying to keep things relatively simple and as you’ll see, I’m using my typewriter for a lot of my journaling this year. I’m not sure whether or not that’s something that I will continue but for now, I am loving it so I’ll keep at it.

For now I’m going to refrain from referencing all my supplies however I’m happy to (try to) answer any specific product queries that anyone has.

2017 Title Page

We really didn’t have any super recent family photos that I could use so I ended up grabbing a couple of the three of us from Violet’s 1st birthday back in October last year. It’s a good reminder that we need to make an effort to get more photos together.

I so loved the “How To Make 2017 Rad” manifesto(?) that was trending on social media at the start of the year and decided it was something that I wanted to include in my title page. I also want to do a really simple traditional 12×12″ layout and hang it on the wall in my study as a daily reminder for me throughout the year.

Week One

Week one had a couple of inserts, though I want to try to avoid adding too many inserts to my album this year.  But since the week started on the 2nd and I knew I wanted to include our New Years Day activities I made some allowances.

Here are the two sides of the main spread:

Here is the insert for New Years Day:

And here is the insert about Violet’s first drawing. I knew that I wanted to preserve this piece of paper and this seemed like the perfect place to do it. The little pencil chipboard stickers from Studio Calico were so perfect!

Week Two

Left side:

Right side:

This one included a little flip-up so that I could squeeze a couple of extra photos in.


Week Three

I really loved playing with the pinks and golds in this spread.

Left side:

Right side:


Week Four

This week also had a little insert – I really wanted to keep a copy of our Bruce Springsteen ticket. Here is the main spread without the insert:


I had so much fun creating the title page for this week using a stamp from Kellie Stamps. I used pretty much the entire stamp set across this spread. I’ll definitely be bringing it out again next summer.
This was also a pretty special week because it’s the week that Violet finally decided to walk! I’ll definitely be dedicating a traditional scrapbook layout to that milestone when I have some time up my sleeves.

Here is the left side:

Here is the right side:

And here is the front and back of the insert. I had to run some washi along the side so that I could re-punch the holes to fit. And I had nothing to go on the back side of the ticket so I managed to find a copy of the set list that someone had posted online and printed that off for the back.




And there you have it!
I’ve really been trying to work on a cohesive aesthetic for my spreads. I’m not totally happy with everything but when I look back at it all together, I’m pretty content with the way that it has come together. I know that over time it’s something that I will get better and better at.

One thing I do need to work on though is photographing the spreads. I would love to get a boom arm for my tripod which I’m sure will help. But any other tips or advice that more seasoned sharers can send my way will be greatly appreciated!

6 thoughts on “Project Life 2017 – Weeks 1 to 4

  1. Just gorgeous Bel, you have such a knack for capturing real emotion and the moment in the memory in your photography and in your layouts – thanks so much for sharing, I can’t wait to get back into it again! xx

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