Sick hard drive and the story so far.

I built this website in early 2015. It was not an easy task for someone who had never really worked on anything like this before. It took a lot of caffeine, many frustrated grunts and groans and a lot of swearing. But I did it and I published it and it looked amazing and I was really excited at the prospect of drawing in clients for my photography business.

And then I fell pregnant. A beautiful and unexpected twist in my life. In the space of just nine months I went from having lived alone for 5+ years to having a real life boyfriend move in and a brand new baby arrive. I was really nervous at how I would cope with such enormous changes and happily I can say that I’ve taken it all in my stride relatively well. Oh sure, I have my fair share of emotional outbursts and breakdowns but they’re not all that frequent. Not really.

So all my big bold plans for my photography business and this website fell by the wayside. Until a few weeks ago when I decided that I would like to start blogging. The whole idea of keeping a personal blog still feels a little bit self-indulgent to me but I’m choosing to look at it as a way of preserving memories. For me and for us. If I end up with readers or followers, bonus!

Throwing a spanner into the works though is that a couple of days ago when I sat down to make some minor tweaks to my logo and header, my hard drive appears to be very sick. Almost dead I fear. Fortunately it’s NOT the drive that runs my operating system and it’s NOT the drive that holds all my photos, videos and music. But it is the drive that holds all of my personal files, documents and resources. It’s also the only drive that I’ve never really thought to back up. Silly Belinda. Right now I’m hopeful that some lovely person will be able to take it in and recover all the data for me. Fingers crossed!

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